2018 Grant Funding for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Friday, June 8, 2018
Funds raised => Research => Improved outcomes

We are so excited to announce our 2018 Grant Funding round is now open for applications!! In this round we are making available $400k which adds to the already $5.8 million allocated through our grants program over the last three years.

Funds raised => Research => Improved outcomes

While this $5.8 million is a huge amount of money, a lot more is needed to change the 5-year survival rate from its current 8%!

The awarding of these Grants would not be possible without all the help and support of our ever-increasing network of support.

A huge thank you to everyone who has attended one of our "Put Your Foot Down" walks around Australia, our wonderful corporate sponsors and friends who have attended one of our "Best Things in Life" dinners in either Sydney or Melbourne, anyone who has been to Woolworths and bought our Deep Spring Avner's water, or supported us through buying the specially-marked Muk haircare products, our amazing corporate sponsors who just keep giving, anyone who has donated in memory of a loved one or our wonderful fundraisers, big and small, who have held a fundraiser with us as a beneficiary.

These Grants are only possible with your support and we thank you sincerely for sharing in our vision.