What we do


Avner’s Pancreatic Cancer Foundation has established itself as the leading Australian Charity exclusively dedicated to Pancreatic Cancer.

Our mission is simple, to dramatically increase survival rates for Pancreatic Cancer sufferers.

We do this by raising funds for Australian Medical Research allocated by the guidance of our expert independent Scientific Advisory Panel.

When looking at the recent increase in survival rates for cancers such as prostate, breast and skin, it is clear that their success can be attributed to medical research and increased awareness. In fact there is an almost exact correlation between research funding, awareness and survival rates for all cancers. Sadly Pancreatic Cancer had been left behind in the ‘too hard basket’ for many decades.

Learning from the progress made in these other cancer types, the Avner Foundation is dedicated to growing awareness for Pancreatic Cancer and generating funds so that we can invest in cutting edge Australian Medical Research for Pancreatic Cancer.

And we are starting see results with what we have achieved!